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People often take the written word for granted. Literature, as it is, is very important to the core of society and humanity as well. However, in the recent dawn of the electric age – for the most part at least – books have been traded for websites and online reading materials.

We refer to the dawn of the age due to the fact that as of late, literature has showed that it is not going anywhere.

The truth is that literature does so many things. It offers so many benefits to many people, sectors, and many more.

First of all, literature has allowed people for thousands upon thousands of years to record their thoughts, stories, and experiences. More importantly though, it has allowed for the sharing of these pieces of information through a potentially timeless medium.

For novels of fiction, they also allow for people’s creativity to be fostered. They implant certain ideas that were never thought of before and allow for the starting of conversations.

There are some cases where literature is amassed on a particular subject, like business for example. These are things that have caused a notable impact on the field of choice.

In truth, this is what ISF Oxford is all about. We are committed to showing the interconnection and importance of literature in the business field. We also outline how literature can help us understand how to do business better and significant contributions that literature has made to business as a whole.