Business Events in 2019

Business Events in 2019 - Business Events in 2019

Much like any field, business is ever changing and evolving. If you have a business or want to get into one, it is very important to understand the lay of the land so to speak. You must know what the current business climate is in order to plan your success.

Let’s take a look at several business events that you can go to this 2019.


The first event we’ll be looking at is called the International Conference on Economics and Business Management or ICEBM. It is taking place from March 3 to 4 in Malacca Malaysia.

This specific event plays host to a number of experts in the business field. These include people who teach about it and research it, as well as those who have successful businesses or who found success coming from the economic or business background.

The conference is aimed at pushing the boundaries of the current research and development fields of both economics and business management. Apart from that, the conference hopes that everyone who attends is open to the sharing of information.

The information shared here is good for people currently studying, people who are currently working, and many other people in other different industries.


Next, we have the International Conference on Banking, Finance, and Business or ICBFB.

This conference has several focuses. First, it takes a look at the banking industry as a whole. It looks to talk about the problems that are currently happening there as well as things other countries are doing that can be applied to other banking or financial sectors.

It also takes a look at relevant practices regarding the economies of countries, as well as businesses.

It is the hope of the people who set up the conference that the experts and financial leaders who attend this conference will be able to gleam several insights and practices that will positively affect their own practices.

The conference was set up with the partnership of the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) and the College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS). The conference takes place on April 24 to 25 at Oman.   We hope that you find the information you are looking for through these conferences. We wish you luck with all your business endeavors.